18 Crafty Ways to Promote Your Brand

Scott Hirsch
3 min readOct 20, 2022

Hosting events is one of the best methods to increase brand recognition. Without spending a lot of money, these events are a terrific way to engage clients and grow your customer base. The ability to place print advertisements in multiple venues where your target customers hang out makes offline advertising useful. Additionally, you can put out fliers and brochures for potential clients to see. Finally, you can reach a larger audience by promoting your company using social media, like Facebook.

Additionally, running a social media contest might assist you in increasing brand recognition. Participants in these competitions can upload a picture or a video. Users can then cast their votes for the ones they like best. Participants should tell their friends and relatives about the contest and encourage them to vote. As a result, the contestant’s brand becomes more well-known, and their business may expand.

Partnerships are another successful strategy for increasing brand recognition. You can increase brand recognition among a wider range of consumers by partnering with a company in a related area. Numerous firms share their ideal clients, and by working together, they may all expand. Another effective strategy for raising brand recognition is social media, but it needs to be handled properly.

Partnering with other companies is the best approach to getting a brand in front of your target market. Events, social media posts, and other advertising techniques can do this. It’s crucial to remember that these partners shouldn’t be rivals. For the collaboration to be successful, both brands should benefit.

Another successful strategy for increasing brand recognition is retargeting advertising on blogs and websites. These advertisements will be seen by and known to users of your product or service who have already used it online. This raises brand recognition and may also bring about latent conversions. In addition, you may increase your visibility and relevance to prospective customers by deploying retargeting advertisements on regional news websites.

Making your product unforgettable is one of the best strategies to raise brand awareness. Make your own identity first. Using comedy to accomplish this is a terrific strategy. Your product or service will become more memorable if it has a humorous brand name. Old Spice beautifully illustrates this. The company’s funny viral advertising boosted sales.

Utilizing social media groups is a fantastic additional strategy for boosting brand recognition. Regular users and industry influencers both make up these networks. By joining a group, your brand will gain more credibility and a reputation in your niche. Live broadcasts are an additional method of exposure besides social media communities.

Increasing brand recognition is crucial to a company’s existence. Sales can increase, and a devoted client base can be developed with strong brand awareness. Brand recognition was cited as the top goal by 89% of marketers. Therefore, a corporation must raise brand recognition to reach a wider audience.

Emotional marketing is a different and efficient strategy for raising brand recognition. People are more likely to identify and trust a company when it supports a deserving cause. In addition, this strategy can increase support for grassroots campaigns. On the other hand, covert marketing uses deceptive strategies to reach consumers. This strategy will advertise the product without the client’s knowledge.



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