4 E-Commerce Trends Ahead of COVID-19 Christmas

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I know we were all hoping the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic would be behind us by now, or at least things would be tapering off. Yet, it looks like we’re still unfortunately in the thick of it. There are a few bright spots, however: film crews have resumed production in California with state-designated safety protocols, and New York City recently added 40 new streets for outdoor dining.

What hasn’t changed is the continued growth of e-commerce. Once everything shut down, millions of consumers waded far deeper into the waters of e-commerce than ever before, and few, if any, will return to shore. You can bet e-commerce remains robust for many years to come.

Here are four things to look for from now through our first-ever “COVID-Christmas.”

1. End-of-Summer Slowdown

2. It’s Personal — When You’re Using Personalization Tools

3. Driving With Data

Amazon has built much of its business with data-driven merchandising and product recommendations, and it’s mastered the art of matching customers with the things they’re most likely to buy (data-driven recommendations in individual Kindle stores are a great example of this highly effective practice). If you can find a way to use the data your organization collects in a similar way over the next few months, you’ll achieve better customer retention over the second half of 2020, which brings us to my final point.

4. A Grinchy Christmas (But Christmas Nonetheless)

You can always find me on LinkedIn. I’m interested to hear what you think about where we’re headed. In the meantime, keep working hard and stay positive!

Scott Hirsch is the CEO of Media Direct, and is an internet marketing pioneer widely recognized as an expert in e-commerce and the online marketplace.

Originally published at https://www.mytotalretail.com on September 22, 2020.

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Scott Hirsch is an internet marketing pioneer who is widely recognized as an expert in ecommerce, digital data and the online marketplace.

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