Is Your Digital Marketing Optimized? Scott Hirsch Has Key Recommendations for All 2020 Businesses

Scott O Hirsch has an interesting recommendation for all businesses looking at the latter half of 2020: Now is the time to start investing in more digital marketing strategies.

DELRAY BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / June 24, 2020 / This may seem like a stretch for most companies, especially growing businesses that are already struggling with COVID-related income difficulties and planning out the slow process of recovery (not to mention what happens if there’s a second coronavirus wave in their region). However, Scott Hirsch the Delray Beach CEO has been helping businesses with online marketing since the first online marketing strategies were created in the 1990s. He’s seen how to take advantage of trends, and right now the trends are pointing the way toward a new era of marketing data.

For businesses unsure, if they want to spend their particularly hard-won revenue on more digital marketing, Scott Hirsch reminds us that 2020 has seen a remarkable shift toward online services. New online payment options have skyrocketed as businesses enter the realm of eCommerce to deal with coronavirus lockdowns — and those payment options will remain. Consumers have already gotten used to online alternatives for everything from ordering groceries to buying cleaning supplies. Remote work situations also mean that an unprecedented number of workers are using the internet to get their jobs done, and generally spending more time online than ever before.

This all adds up to important new opportunities for online marketing, a sector that businesses cannot ignore as 2020 slowly adapts to life during a pandemic. But when funds are limited, where can businesses invest in digital marketing to have the most impact? Scott O Hirsch has several ideas every company should seriously consider for their next budget decisions.

Invest in More Advanced Lead Scoring Technology

Lead scoring has been talked about and hyped for years now, but technology is finally in a great spot to offer lead scoring solutions to businesses of all sizes. Essentially, this means finding tools that can automatically sort lead information and categorize it based on priority leads — the leads most likely to turn into sales. Today’s AI software makes predictive lead scoring far easier, and it’s a particularly important area for companies that tend to go through lots of leads per sale.

This can save marketing and sales teams a whole lot of time, and time is one of the most important factors in creating a successful connection with a lead. However, it also requires robust customer data strategies to be very effective. That’s one reason Scott Hirsch of Delray Beach recommends this approach: Investing in lead scoring technology is a great way to prepare for the future, but it also helps companies examine their current customer data collection and how it needs to be improved.

Look at More Targeted CPC Advertising

For companies with basic online marketing, CPC (cost per click) ads were previously associated with two things: Google and Facebook. But now, Scott Hirsh of Delray Beach notes that CPC ads in other areas are starting to become worth the investment. This depends a little on your industry, but there are some great CPC offerings for LinkedIn, Amazon, Microsoft, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and more. Scott O Hirsch highly recommends that businesses take a look at all the platforms with robust CPC ad offerings, and add a couple of new options to the marketing strategies based on target audiences.

Take Advantage of the Growing Integration of Micro-videos

Video is already massively popular as an effective online marketing tool. Shorter videos that combine information with entertainment are particularly great brand tools, especially on social media and YouTube. However, Scott Hirsch of Florida thinks too many businesses stop there: These easily-consumable videos show great results when included in emails, webpages, and blog posts as well. They are also even more effective when personalized, which is another area where the latest software and AI technology may be able to help. It’s also a great way to make sure that the videos your team creates provide as much value as possible for the company.

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