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Scott Hirsch


In case you’re not one of the 150 million Amazon Prime members worldwide, here’s a quick rundown: Prime is Amazon’s membership program. For around $12 per month, Prime members get exclusive deals and discounts: free delivery; a 30-minute head start on “Lightning” Deals; special offers at Whole Foods (and 5% back when buying groceries with an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa) and Amazon Originals, movies and TV shows at no extra charge. Gamers get free games and a free subscription to Twitch, the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers. Clothes horses can sign up for Prime Wardrobe and music addicts have ad-free access to a library of two million songs. Great deal!

  • Prime members saved more than $1.4 billion on Prime Day 2020.
  • Prime members earned tens of millions of dollars in credits from this year’s “Spend $10, Get $10” Prime Day promotion while shopping Whole Foods Market, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Go, Amazon Go Grocery, Amazon Books, Amazon Pop Up, and Amazon 4-star stores.
  • Echo Dot was the most popular item purchased on Prime Day globally.
  • After holding Prime Day in India in August, the October Prime Day was offered in 19 countries, with two new and large markets, Brazil and Turkey, part of this year’s event.

Scott Hirsch is an internet marketing pioneer who is widely recognized as an expert in ecommerce, digital data and the online marketplace.

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