Scott Hirsch — A Florida Racquetball Legend On & Off the Courts

Scott Hirsch
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Scott Hirsch has served in a number of leadership positions in his career, demonstrating his skills in industries such as marketing, branding, and app development. An avid sportsman, Hirsch has also helped boost recognition of racquetball in his community over the years and has greatly contributed to the sport in South Florida.

Using a stringed racquet and a hollow paddleball, and playing either indoor or outdoor courts, racquetball players are some of the most underrepresented sportsmen and women on the scene. Scott Hirsch has worked to improve the reputation of racquetball in South Florida and beyond and increase its popularity across the country. He’s made landmark contributions to the sport and has earned a high reputation in the world of racquetball, even receiving a nomination into the World Outdoor Racquetball Hall of Fame.

Outdoor Racquetball

Scott Hirsch is unique in outdoor racquetball,” says Marty Hogan who nominated Hirsch into the Hall of Fame. “He started the Florida WOR One Wall National Championships which is a merit itself and WOR Florida, yet his personal involvement in the sport didn’t stop there. Scott has contributed more to racquetball through sponsorship than anyone in outdoor history and has put money into every indoor and outdoor racquetball event in Florida in the last 20 years without any acknowledgments. He has also sponsored many of the sport’s top players. That is why I am Nominating Scott Hirsch for the [World of Racquetball Hall of Fame].”

Scott Hirsch was instrumental in bringing most of the top pro indoor professional players to the first and future National Outdoor 1-Wall Championships WOR Events. Participating players included Cliff Swain, Sudsy Monchik, Jason Mannino, Chris Crowther, and Ruben Gonzalez. Hirsch ran and sponsored numerous outdoor Florida tournaments long before there was a national organization for it, too. He’s also served as a coach and mentor to many top amateur and professional players since 1990, proving his longtime dedication to the sport.

Indoor Racquetball

Scott Hirsch served as the Founder and National Director of “The Legend’s Tour” (Original Classic Pro Racquetball Tour) from 2001–2006. During this time, he ran over fifty events and raised over $300,000 for national charities. He also founded the First National Paddleball Association (NPA) Outdoor 1 Wall Championships.

He sponsored numerous IRT and LPRT Tier 1 Events, including the Harold McKahand Memorial in 2001 and America’s Cup Racquetball Championship in 2006. He’s a 2-Time Florida State Doubles Champions and was a Regional Champion, Intercollegiate Singles, at Providence University.

“He did everything simply for the good of the game,” said Steve “Bo” Keely. “He supported the USAR Magazine, offered to build the first glass court, silently sponsored many players, and tournaments, brought Sudsy and myself to Florida and started the Legend’s Pro Tour.”

Scott Hirsch is recognized by many as a racquetball legend on and off the courts.

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Scott Hirsch

National brands Fortune 500 businesses, and significant advertising agencies are among their clients. Scott Hirsch is also a successful professional boxing man.