Scott Hirsch Explains 5 Ways to Grow Your Customer Base

Scott Hirsch is a well-known industry expert when it comes to leading businesses that need to see significant growth to cross their next hurdle. Scott’s gained plenty of real-world experience growing customer bases as the founder and CEO behind multiple $100M brands. Here are a few of his tips for when your venture is ready for serious expansion-

1. Narrow Your Audience and Send Targeted Content

Too many businesses don’t really know their target audience and lose out on valuable growth opportunities from their marketing efforts missing the mark. Scott Hirsch recommends that companies spend more time evaluating buyer personas and what their ideal customers have in common, plus their online habits when it comes to making purchase decisions. Then it’s time to send targeted ads to those groups with highly specific PPC campaigns and similar strategies.

2. Master Fresh Content

If you can keep someone coming back to your website, it becomes much easier to make them a repeat customer and eventually a brand ambassador on social media. That’s why fresh content has become such an important strategy in the online world. Scott Hirsch suggests creating a strict schedule for your blog or social media accounts that have your team creating new content at least a few times per week. It’s also great for SEO practices so there’s a benefit for your short and long term growth strategies.

3. Practice Reaching Out

Scott Hirsch has seen many different varieties of this strategy — shake a certain number of hands per week, make a certain number of calls a day, hand out this many business cards, etc. — but the core of it is always to practice reaching out to leads until it becomes second nature. So set your own goals here, but make sure you (or your team) do something proactive every day to reach out to potential new customers. The challenge here is finding enough people and contact info to keep on doing this — which brings us to the next step.

4. Network and Join Groups

You need to go where your target audience is and make actual connections with potential customers. That means joining new groups (both in the real world & online), networking at events and asking for referrals from your existing clients. Networking also has the added benefit of gaining direct feedback from clients and potential leads to better understand their business challenges and where your company should be heading in the future.

5. Offer Multiple Payment Options

Many brands lose a steady stream of potential customers because they aren’t offering enough of a variety of payment options to meet every type of customer’s needs. Others may have dozens of great options but customers have no way of knowing about it, so potential clients end up choosing another route entirely. Hirsch advises to broaden your payment flexibility and advertise it within all of your marketing if it’s advantageous to potential consumers.

Learn more about Scott Hirsch, other projects he’s currently involved in and additional marketing advice through the enclosed link.

This article first appeared on Accesswire 4/8/2020



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